LED 200

Innovative LED aquarium lighting


Angel LED 200

Revolutionary LED aquarium lighting system

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The specially designed lens for angel LED 200 is made of high-quality quartz glass. The quartz glass ensures the best penetration of UV and red light. The 90° quartz lens combines the different wavelengths within a single LED. The different light spectrums blend into a uniform colour without light seams.

6 touch keys for easy program of the light, without additional control unit.

Steel cable

The included hanging kit ensures a safe fixing to the ceiling. Flexible height adjustment is also possible at any time.

Luminaire holder

The optional angel LED holder offers an additional method by attaching the angel LED 200 to the back of your aquarium. The positioning of the LED light is adjustable both in height and depth (available in black or silver).

Active Cooling

Active cooling by two silent and temperature-controlled high-power fans keep the angel LED 200 at the optimal working temperature.

Since the angel LED 200 has a built-in WiFi controller, the light can be controlled by the corresponding App via smartphone or tablet. Use your iOS or Android device to control and program. The “angel LED” App includes full functionality for light control, the moon cycle, weather effects and much more.

Strong light penetration

Different wavelengths within a single LED chip are seamlessly blended before leaving the light with max. 100 W. 48 single LEDs are concentrated in one LED chip. This creates a powerful light source with better and deeper light penetration without sacrificing coverage.

Strong light penetration — Angel LED

Second Generation Matrix LED Chips

A new generation of high-quality LED chips has been chosen for this new Aqua Medic lighting system, creating two powerful light sources. This light offers 200 Watt performance with a full colour spectrum. The angel LED 200 offers better and deeper penetration, producing a high PAR value for keeping even the most light demanding corals.

Second Generation Matrix LED Chips — Angel LED