CO2 products

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Cylinder base
Holder for use with aluminium CO2-bottle, Ø 60–80 mm.
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CO2 indicator
Indicator for showing the carbon dioxide content in fresh water aquaria.
Inkl. 10 ml CO2 indicator solution.

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CO2 indicator solution
Inject 1 ml of CO2 indicator solution into CO2 indicator directly. It is recommended to change CO2 indicator once a month. Compare the color of the CO2 solution with the included scala and determine the CO2 content of your aquarium water.
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CO2 pipe 4/6, 5m
4/6 mm hose, 5 meter
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Pipe holder
Holder for 6 mm CO2-hose to fi t onto glass of up to 10 mm in thickness.
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Reactor compact
CO2-reactor with integrated non-return valve and bubble counter for aquaria up to 200 liters.
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Bubble counter plus
Bubble counter for use with CO2-systems for the supply of water plants.
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High-quality material allows longer operation life and a reliable operation. Bubble counter with combined check valve.
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Regular mini
Pressure regulator with bottle pressure display and needle valve to use with CO2-bottles.
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Reactor +
Motor-driven, highly efficient CO2 reactor for use in planted aquaria up to 1,000 liters. Easy fitment within the aquarium with the supplied suction cups.
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