Key Features

– aquarium without brace bars made from ultra clear (low iron) glass with polished edges
– integrated safety bottom seam
– silent operation due to the ãeasy drain systemÒ
– filter tank with adjustable water level and automatic refill
– fine filter area with replaceable filter bags
– transportable refill tank
– glass cabinet filter with pre-filter chamber, two clear water chambers for use with additional biological and mechanical filters (e. g. skimmer, multi reactor, etc.) and filter media
– integrated emergency overflow
– elegant glass duct cover
– high-quality cabinet with softclose, white high gloss
– large base cabinet with aeration and ventilation
– incl. drip pan
– the cabinet is supplied flat packed for easy transportation and home assembly with few parts

further information

Technical Data


Version 450
“Dimensions aquarium (l x w x h) app.” 150 x 50 x 55 cm
Glass thickness front pane 15 mm
Glass thickness side pane 12 mm
Glass thickness back wall 12 mm
Glass thickness bottom pane 12 mm
Volume aquarium app. 375 l
Water level app. 50 cm
“Dimensions filter cabinet
(l x w x h) app.” 90 x 42 x 34 cm
Water level filter cabinet max. 16 – 23 cm
Dimensions skimmer compartment 51 x 40 cm
Dimensions pump compartment 40 x 20 cm
Volume filter cabinet app. 85 l
Total volume 460 l
Volume refill tank 16 l
“Dimensions incl. cabinet (l x w x h) app.” 150 x 50 x 145 cm

Shipping Data

Additional information

Dimensions1800 × 600 × 1740 mm


EAN Code


Weight (kg)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


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