Key Features

– Aquarium without support made from float glass with polished edges, front and side panes in premium white glass

– Glass thickness of front pane: 19 mm

– Incl. glass cabinet filter with four-chamber system for putting up biological and mechanical filters

– Circulation pump DC Runner 5.2

– incl. assembled inlet and outlet piping, emergency overflow, quiet and adjustable overflow

– incl. empty conduit for hidden cable duct

– high-quality cabinet with softclose, graphite-black

Dimensions (l x w x h): app. 160 x 65 x 140 cm, (aquarium app. 160 x 65 x 55 cm).
Water level app. 50 cm, volume app. 525 l.

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Technical Data


Version Xenia 160
“Dimensions aquarium cm (l x w x H) app.” 160 x 65 x 55
Water level app. 50 cm
Volume aquarium app. 525 l
Glass thickness front pane 19 mm
Glass thickness side 12 mm
Glass thickness back 12 mm
Glass thickness bottom 12 mm
“Dimensions incl. cabinet in cm
(l x w x h) app.” 160 x 65 x 140
“Dimensions filter cabinet cm
(l x w x h) app.” 84 x 50 x 45
Volume filter cabinet app. 32 cm
Volume filter cabinet app. 130 l
Circulation pump DC Runner 5.2

Shipping Data

Additional information

Weight320.06 kg
Dimensions1920 × 780 × 1680 mm


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