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Aquariums can have many hiding places making catching an individual fish extremely difficult without being time consuming and stressful to both yourself and the aquarium inhabitants and can also cause damage to invertebrates when trying to use a net.

Fish trap is baited with some food and as soon as the desired fish has entered the trap the closing mechanism is simply released Ð by hand. The Fish trap is constructed in such a way that when it is removed from the aquarium with the fish inside it remains half full of water. This method considerably reduces the stress on the fish.

Incl. rubber sucker twin
The double sucker is made of a highly quality flexible material and is particularly suitable for fixing our Fish trap to the inside glass of an aquarium. We recommend using three double suckers to ensure safe fixing of the fish trap. By using this type of fixing, the fish trap does not have to be in contact with the base of the aquarium, making it easier to catch fish than was possible before.

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Dimensions (l x w x h):
app. 27.5 x 17 x 17 cm

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Weight1.8772 kg
Dimensions216 × 222 × 330 mm
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