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The phosphatÞlter Fe is a compact chemical Þltration chamber for aquarium use. It can be installed in line with any standard canister Þlter or fed via a separate pump. The phosphatÞlter Fe contains 400 ml of antiphos Fe. This reduces the level of phosphate and thereby curtails the growth of Þlamentous algae. Depending on the phosphate level, one Þlling of antiphos may be sufÞcient for an aquarium up to 600 litres (app. 150 gallons) for between 3 – 6 months. The phosphatÞlter Fe can be used for fresh- and saltwater aquaria.

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Technical Data


Ø app. 8 cm (app. 3.2″), length app. 24 cm (app. 9.45″),
hose connection: 12 and 16 mm

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Weight1.1505 kg
Dimensions164 × 127 × 308 mm
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