Key Features

The miniflotor is a small but powerful air-driven internal protein skimmer. A lime wood air diffuser producing very fine air bubbles is also included. The outer reaction tube is replaceable. A second shorter reaction tube is included in shipment. For the air supply, we recommend the Mistral 200 membrane air pump.

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Technical Data


Ø app. 5 cm (app. 2″)
length: with long tube app. 45 cm (app. 18″)
with short tube app. 32 cm (app. 12.8″)

total width: app. 15 cm (app. 6″)
Immersion depth: long tube app. 33 cm (app. 13.2″),
short tube app. 20 cm (app. 8″)

Shipping Data

Additional information

Weight0.7163 kg
Dimensions169 × 115 × 401 mm
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