Key Features

– Can eliminate single cell algaes giving crystal clear water in salt and fresh water aquaria.

– Helps eradicate bacteria and other water borne parasites and decreases the risk of fish acquiring infections.

– Controlled water flow and the large volume of the Helix Max 2.0 ensure maximum efficacy. The water is directed in a spiral path around the quartz tube resulting in more efficient use of the UV radiation than in standard units.

– The inlet fitting can be rotated by 360° for easy fitting at any angle. This allows a space-saving installation.

– Easy cleaning of the inner spiral by simple disassembly.

– Simple and safe lamp function checking through integrated viewing window.

– All versions of the Helix Max 2.0 are equipped with a high frequency electronic ballast for salt and fresh water aquaria. The electronic ballasts increase the lifetime and the efficacy of the UV lamps.

– Incl. hose nozzles for connecting to your own hoses.

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Technical Data


Unit 5 watts
Saltwater aquarium up to 200 l
Recommended flow S/W 100-200 l/h
Freshwater aquarium up to 300 l
Recommended flow F/W 100-300 l/h
Power 1,1 w/UVC
Cable length 3,5 m
Lamp type PL-S-5 W
max. pressure 0,4 bar
max head height 2 m
Power connection 220-240 V / 50/60 Hz
Housing dimensions L x W App 370 X 90 MM

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