Key Features

This family of powerful diaphragm air pumps has a cast aluminium housing (plastic on the 50 ECO) to ensure long life and silent operation. The output of the Mistral 300 is adjustable with a slide control which alters the magnetic circuit. All units have integrated replaceable air filters and are of low maintenance design. They are ideally suited to supplying air lift filters (under-gravel and box), air stones and protein skimmers using either ceramic or wooden air diffusers.

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Technical Data


Type: Mistral 50 ECO
Power requirements: “220 V,
50/60 Hz”
Power uptake: 1.8 watts
Maximum capacity: “78 l/h
(19.5 gph)”
“Capacity at 1 m
(3 ft) depth
(100 mbar,
1.45 psi):” “50 l/h
(12.5 gph)”
Maximum pressure: “120 mbar
(1.73 psi)”
pressure side:” air tube 4/6 mm (1/4″)
Max. dB/At a distance of 1 metre 35
Cable length in m: 1.4
Weight: “0.23 kg
(app. 0.53 lbs)”
Housing: plastic
“Dimensions in cm
(l x w x h), app.:” 8.8×6.0x5.3

Shipping Data

Additional information

Weight0.3445 kg
Dimensions156 × 102 × 102 mm
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Weight (kg)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)


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