Key Features

T Controller Twin complete with 300 Watt titanium heater, package deal.

The latest touch screen version for easy adjustment & much easier to use.
Also benefits from .1 of a degree switching, full European safety standers, please compare that to slight cheaper units, on the market.

The temperature controller T controller twin is used for
controlling both heating systems & cooling units.

Because of the integrated double socket it is possible to connect a
heating system and cooling unit simultaneously.

The T controller twin is supplied with a waterproof temperature

The LCD display provides instant information on the current temperature.

The minimum and maximum values can be easily adjusted.

Titanium Heaters are the safe alternative to glass heaters in both fresh and saltwater aquaria.

The unbreakable titanium housing is saltwater resistant and the heaters have both overheat and dry running protection cutouts.

The heaters must be used in combination with a temperature controller.

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Technical Data


The maximum load for heating systems is
1,200 watts and 460 watts for cooling units.

Measuring and switching accuracy is 0.1 °C. The control range
varies from 16 – 40 °C, and the set value is in 0.1 °C

Titanium heater 300 W for aquaria up 500 – 1,000 l, length: 30 cm

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